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In 2010, UPHA became a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization and subsequently established an Endowment Fund as part of a multi-year resource development effort. UPHA has been receiving donations since early 2011, with 100% Board Member contribution, and plans to support this fund long term with donations from foundations, corporations, businesses, individuals and members, as well as former UPHA leaders and their families. All funds are placed in an investment account determined by the UPHA Board of Directors. Interest derived from this investment is to be used for UPHA projects and Utah community outreach projects approved by the Board.

CONTRIBUTE online or mailING a contribution to:

UPHA Endowment Fund
PO Box 9387
Millcreek, UT 84109


  • 75% UPHA Member participation
  • $100K by UPHA's 100th Anniversary in 2016


To be eligible to apply to the Board for funding, a UPHA Member, Section, Committee or leader of a Board approved initiative, submits an Application and sends this to the Board. The Board will then make funding decisions based on merit and available funding of Applications received. After a funded project is completed a report is required to be submitted to the Board.

Our success depends on community support and we encourage UPHA Members to get involved in this resource development project.


» UPHA History & Endowment
» IRS 501c3 Confirmation Letter
» Former UPHA Presidents and
   Beatty Award Recipients

Projects Funded:
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Utah Public Health Association | PO Box 9387 Millcreek, Utah, 84109 | Office 3760 Highland Drive, Suite 434 | 801-849-1708 | info@upha.org