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Awards are presented each year during the Public Health Awards Luncheon at the Utah Public Health Conference.

Public Health Hero Award

  • Paul B. Keyser
  • G. Marsden Blanch, MD, MPH
  • Fred P. Lampropoulos
  • Davis County Health Department

2014 Distinguished Beatty Award recipient

  • Brad L. Neiger, Ph.D., MCHES

University of Utah UPHA Scholarship

  • Hilary Kohler (2014)
  • Rachel Sippy (2013)
  • Kendra Keenan (2012)

Westminster College UPHA Scholarship

  • Heather Bertotti-Sarin (2014)
  • Holdunn Rutkoski (2013)

Meghan Arnold Emerging Leader Conference Scholarship

  • Ali Hatch (2014)
  • Jessica Church (2013)

2012 Award Recipients

Beatty Award    Brian Bennion
Public Health Hero "Project" John Booth, Ciber Project Manager for the new WIC.net framework online system.
Public Health Hero "Group"   Skin Cancer Awareness at Utah Ski Resorts; Award recipients are: Lori Maness @ Huntsman Cancer Institute, Julia Curtis Huntsman Cancer Institute, Tom Patton Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Dan Steffen & Christie Delbridge with Deer Valley Ski Resort, Summit County Health Department
Public Health Hero "Community"   Project Stop Botulism - Utah Department of Corrections – Pauline Sturdy, RN, Collen Guymon RN, Richard Garden MD, MPH, Dan Ritter, EMT, Logan Lund PA – Dr. Vitek, SLVHD
Public Health Hero "public health employee"   Anna Guymon, Weber/Morgan Health Dept. for "building bridges" and creating a coalition to bring all her tobacco mini-grantees to the table to coordinate efforts with one another
Public Health Hero   Gov. Gary R. Herbert for his positive work & courage in public health policy during the 2012 legislative session with tobacco funding, tanning bed restrictions, breast feeding, and HB363. In addition was recognized for his annual Governor's Health Summit and bringing forward issues that protect and promote the health & wellbeing for the citizens of Utah (although during his keynote last week he slammed the ACA)
Rising Star Award      
Youth Award       


2012 AwardRecipients UPHA



Past Distinguished Theodore Beatty Award Recipients

2012                        Brian Bennion
2011                        David Cunningham
2010                        Linda Bogdanow
2009                        Lloyd Berentzen
2008                        Ilene Risk, MPA
2007                        Gary Edwards, MS
2006                        Paul Wightman
2005                        Ralph Clegg
2004                        George L. White, MD
2003                        Patti Pavey, MS
2002                        Kathy Paras, MS, CHES
2001                        Joseph K. Miner, MD, MSPH
2000                        Laverne Alves Snow, MPA
1999                        J. Brett Lazar, MD
1998                        Dan B. Kinnersley, MPA
1997                        Suzanne Kirkham, MPA
1996                        B. LaDene Larsen, RN
1995                        Joan L. Ware, RN, MPH
1994                        Joyce M. Gaufin, BS
1993                        Gerda Pratt Haynie, RN
1992                        Bea Raby, RN
1991                        Suzanne Dandoy, MD, MPH
1990                        John C. Bailey, MD, MSPH
1989                        John E. Brockert, MPH
1988                        Terry Sadler, RS, MSPH
1987                        Richard A. Sweet, RS
1986                        Ray G. Cowley, MD
1985                        Peter C. VanDyck, MD, MPH
1984                        No Award Given
1983                        Adele P. Nelson, RN, MPH
1982                        Echomae Anderson, RN
1981                        June Leifson, RN, PhD
1980                        Marion Hazleton
1979                        Helen Ure
1978                        James O. Mason, MD, DrPH
1977                        Harry L. Gibbons, MD, MPH
1976                        Lyman J. Olsen, MD, MPH
1975                        W. Whitney Smith, PhD
1974                        Maxine A. Thomas, RN
1973                        Franklin K. Brough, PhD
1972                        Lynn M. Thatcher
1971                        E. Arnold Isaacson, MD, MPH
1970                        Virginia Cole, RN
1969                        Wilbur Parkinson
1968                        John F. Waldo, MD
1967                        G. D. Carlyle Thompson, MD
1966                        Lena Besendorfer, RN
1965                        Mrs. Charles L. Walker
1964                        William L. Manning
1963                        Ruth L. Cronin, RN
1962                        W. R. Elton Newman, MD


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