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We are pleased to invite you to the
2010 Public Health Conference for Utah!


Meeting the Challenges
of the new Decade

May 10-12, 2010 ~ Zermatt Hotel ~ Midway, Utah

If you have topics you would like to see covered at the conference please contact the conference
co-chairs Lynne Nilson (801-538-7049) or Eric Edwards (801-851-7097)

The objective of the 2010 Public Health Conference is to address how public health practitioners can meet the growing challenges of protecting the public’s health in an ever-evolving environment. A full plenary of outstanding speakers will present on topics that illustrate the critical balance of “people, places, practices and partnerships” that serve as the keys to ensuring a healthy future well beyond the new decade.

Continued, broad-based participation has established this meeting as a preeminent public health conference, distinguished by a number of elements:

  • The ability to draw prominent public health leaders to frame public health practice in the context of national and local public health issues
  • A highly interactive format that promotes learning, discussion and debate among public health experts and participants from multiple disciplines and varied skill levels
  • Presentations that range in focus from intensive skills-building workshops to broad perspectives on key public health strategies
  • A diverse and committed base of support from professional associations that help to review advances in the public health field and recommend themes and topics for each conference

Member associations and conference sponsors have recruited dozens of outstanding presenters to make this conference a valuable experience. Be sure to register for this conference - the premier public health conference in the state of Utah!

Conference Planning Committee

Who Should Attend

- Environmental Health Scientists
- Physicians
- Advance Practice Nurses
- Physician Assistants
- Public Health Nurses
- Public Safety Personnel
- Emergency Management Teams
- Response/Bioterrorism Staff
- Risk Communicators / PIOs
- Registered Dieticians / WIC
- Health Educators

- Health Officers / Administrators
- Medicaid Professionals
- Epidemiologists
- NGOs representatives
- University Faculty
- Students

Or other professionals who are interested in the field of public health and/or seeking professional development



This Conference is an annual event planned by the major public health organizations in the state, including the:
Utah Public Health Association, Health Education Association of Utah and the Utah Environmental Health Association

If you have questions about this conference, please contact the Conference Committee Co-Chairs:
Lynne Nilson [ ] ~ 801-538-7049 or Eric Edwards[ ] ~ 801-851-7097

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