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No Crypto    
Extreme heat: enjoying the summer but not letting it get to you  
New sunscreen guidelines issued by FDA; make sure you’re protected!  
Concussions: you take control  
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No Crypto

Planning on swimming this summer? Protect yourself, your family and your community from Cryptosporidiosis (“Crypto”), a contagious parasitic disease that gives you watery diarrhea and abdominal pain:
  • Do not swim if you have diarrhea (one diarrheal accident can contaminate an entire pool)
  • Do not swim for 2 weeks after diarrhea has resolved (you’re still shedding germs and they can contaminate the pool)
  • Do not swallow or spit recreational water (you might have just swallowed germs)
  • Do not change diapers by the pool (germs can spread to surfaces and objects in and around the pool)

Have a safe and happy swimming season!


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Extreme heat: enjoying the summer but not letting it get to you

We’ve been waiting and waiting, and now it seems summer is on us with a vengeance. Don't let your enthusiasm for the wonderful weather get you into trouble. Recognize the signs of heat stroke…
  • high body temperature
  • red, hot and dry skin
  • rapid pulse
  • throbbing headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • confusion
  • unconsciousness

…and take the proper precautions. Remember: don't leave children or animals in parked cars! More warning signs, ideas and prevention tips can be found in CDC’s extreme heat toolkit.


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New sunscreen guidelines issued by FDA; make sure you’re protected!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is setting new standards to help protect consumers when it comes to choosing sunscreens. The new standards will:
  • Establish a standard test for over-the-counter sunscreen products that will determine which products are allowed to be labeled as “broad spectrum”
  • Eliminate products labeled SPF 50 and higher
  • Eliminate "waterproof" claims
  • Remove "protects from skin cancer/aging" from products under SPF 15
  • Provide clearer instructions on frequency of use

The final regulations will take effect next year.


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Concussions: you take control

Summer sports are coming into full swing and it's important to be aware of Utah's new legislation on head-related injuries. House Bill 204 was signed into law in March to help reduce the consequences of serious head injuries, particularly concussions, in sports.
According to Safe Kids USA, 2011:
  • Nearly 90% of concussions occur without any loss of consciousness
  • About half of all 'second impact syndrome' incidents (brain injury caused from a premature return to play after suffering the initial concussion) result in death

How can you get the word out? Let public and private amateur sports organizations know they have a legal responsibility to adopt a policy that ensures concussion awareness for coaches and parents. Removing athletes from play after a suspected concussion and having them cleared by a qualified health care provider are other elements of the bill that administrators and coaches should be informed of. Additional concussion information can be found here.


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Schools out!

Schools out and kids are playing outside, running around and riding bikes and scooters. That means kids can also be at higher risk for injury during the summer. Both parents and motorists need to do their part to keep summer safe for children to play outside and walk in their neighborhoods. Check out Safe Kids USA for summer safety tips for drivers and parents of young pedestrians.

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