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September 2013 E-NEWS

Table of Contents

The Affordable Care Act Moves Forward with the Marketplace

Board Member Spotlight: Anna Dillingham, MPH

Student Spotlight: Cameron Lister

Calling All Students and Early Professionals


Save the Dates!


the affordable care act moves forward with the marketplace

On October 1st, the “Health Insurance Marketplace” will open to assist 270,000 of the 400,000 uninsured Utahans: 1) apply for subsidies and cost shares to help lower the cost of health insurance coverage; 2) compare coverage options side by side;3) help to enroll in coverage. 

To be eligible for health coverage and assistance through the Marketplace, individuals must live in the United States, must be a U.S. citizen or national or otherwise be lawfully present and can’t be currently incarcerated. 

The Marketplace will help Utahan’s compare between 6 insurance companies offering 99 plans available in the Marketplace health insurance exchange, as well as determine if the individual might be eligible for Medicaid and CHIP.  Once the individual has selected which insurance they desire, they will be able to purchase it in the marketplace. 

The subsidies and cost sharing benefits available through the marketplace are expected to exceed $5,000 per year for the average individual.  Benefits begin for families at 133% poverty and extend all the way to 400% of poverty (a family of 4 making $90,000 a year will qualify for benefits in the Marketplace).

Individuals can apply for subsidies by going to the Marketplace exchange at https://www.healthcare.gov/
Also a cadre of “in-person assistors” called navigators and certified application counselors will be available to counsel and assist individuals navigate the Marketplace.  A directory of these individuals should also be available October 1st at https://www.healthcare.gov/

Help center number for consumers: 1-800-318-2596  TTY: 1—866-653-4261

Text and Email Updates:  https://www.healthcare.gov/subscribe/
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board member spotlight: anna dillingham, mph

Meet September board member, Anna Dillingham who is on the communications committee. Anna chose the public health field because half way through her undergraduate studies, she took some time off of school and lived in Brazil.  While there, she worked with a local doctor on a public health project to promote nutrition for children.  From this, Anna explains that “she was hooked” and upon returning to school, switched her major from Special Education to Community Health.  She has been studying/working in public health ever since.   

For the past 2 ½ years, Anna has been working at the Utah Association of Local Health Departments as a Performance Improvement Manager.  Prior to her assignment with the association, she worked for several different public health organizations in the Washington, DC area.

Anna explains that the most rewarding project she has ever worked on as a public health professional was early in her career while working at Trust for America’s Health. There she worked on an initiative where they successfully advocated for federal funding for environmental public health tracking.  Anna’s specific role in the effort was working with community groups around the country that were dealing with local environmental health concerns. These community groups taught her about the importance of perseverance, being brave, and the role of trust in professional partnerships.

When she travels, Anna says that she likes to be in places that have a long and rich history.  For that reason, she loves Rome, Italy.  But if she needs to relax and rejuvenate, the Outer Banks in North Carolina is the place for her. 

Anna DillinghaIf money weren’t an issue right now, Anna would be spending a ton more time with her family who are spread throughout the US. She’d also like to spend more time hanging out with senior citizens, especially those that are homebound.  

If Anna could eat only one food for the rest of her life, she says it would definitely have to be cheese…of all kinds. To relax, she loves being at the beach and says that she could spend hours being lulled into total relaxation by the waves.  Living in Utah she has found that she gets pretty homesick for the beach, especially her favorite Atlantic beaches.  However she says that spending time in the mountains is pretty relaxing too.

Anna encourages everyone to get involved with UPHA! For her, being a member is not only a great way to get involved with a wonderful community of public health professionals, but it’s also an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the profession which we have chosen as a career.

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student spotlight: cameron lister

Cameron ListerThe power of communities has always astonished and mesmerized me. Which is why I started off working as a community organizer and studying politics, but I quickly became disenchanted with the ability to create meaningful change. It dawned on me one day that the greatest impact we can have, and the greatest cause we can mobilize individuals for is health and development. Outside of these pursuits, what else is there? I’m currently a second year MPH student at Brigham Young University, and I’m emphasizing in behavioral health and technology. Essentially, with 3 billion new individuals joining the global network in the next ten years (through technology like social media), what better way to try and create communities that are empowered around health.  This is why I started an organization called LaughModel.com, a community of students, professors, and working public health professionals all focused on finding the correct answers to the social media and public health question. How do we organize and impact health through technology? To date, public health has been fairly unsuccessful at using these new mediums so we are calling for, and working to create a new paradigm—one where we market health and health behaviors like products, and create a successful sustainable brand for public health outside of the confines of government funding. For once, the public will pay us to be educated. If you want to join in email me at Cameron@laughmodel.com or go to facebook.com/laughmodel.

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calling all students and early professionals!

Get involved with the UPHA Student Caucus! We are a student group established across universities in Utah to promote communication and interaction among public health students and professionals within the UPHA organization and beyond. 

The Student Caucus is a co-presidency, and includes a student appointee from each college/university in Utah with a Masters of Public Health (MPH) program. If you are an undergraduate student in public health, contact your academic    advisor for more information.

The caucus is comprised of three committees for you to get involved with:

  • Professional Development Committee:  This committee assists with organizing and facilitating programs which    foster interaction between students and professionals.
  • Conference Planning Committee:  This committee engages with the UPHA conference planning team to coordinate student-related events and advertises the annual UPHA Conference to students. This committee creates student specific events at the yearly conference.
  • Policy Committee: This committee assists the UPHA Policy Unit in tracking public health bills in the Utah Legislature and will participate in an annual Public Health Day at the Legislature.  This committee generally sits in on UPHA Policy Committee calls and helps in planning the annual Policy and Advocacy Summit. Students also assist in setting policy and legislative priorities for the year and taking actions which will help accomplish policy goals.

To find addition information, get involved or to become a member of the UPHA Student Caucus, email us at studentcaucus@upha.org. Have a great semester and we look forward to meeting you!

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upha supports phact!

UPHA took an active role in supporting APHA’s 2013 Public Health ACTion (PHACT) Campaign during the Congressional Recess, from August 3 – September 8. UPHA's goal was to urge Utah's congressional delegation to protect Federal funding for public health.

To this end:

  • UPHA created fact sheets about the importance of Federal public health funding.
  • UPHA President George White wrote a letter on behalf of UPHA that was sent to each Congressman and Senator and made follow up calls to their Chiefs of Staff. (CLICK HERE TO SEE LETTER)
  • Two calls to action were issued, urging UPHA members to contact their Congressman and Senator about protecting public health funding.
  • A schedule of Town Hall meetings held by members of Utah's Congressional delegation was shared with UPHA members with an encouragement to attend.

The UPHA Policy Unit thanks all who got involved in this important effort

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