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March 2017 E-NEWS

Table of Contents

2017 Utah Public Health Conference is Right Around the Corner!

Online Voting Coming Soon

Are You a Recent Graduate? Take the Survey

UPHA Awards Announcement: Urgent Response Requested

Megan Arnold Emerging Leder Conference Scholarship

Board Member Spotlight: Teresa Garrett, DNP, RN APHN-BC

Student Spotlight:Scott Pew

Public Health Spotlight: Legislative Summary

Save the Dates!



The 2017 Utah Public Health Conference is quickly coming up on March 28-29, with pre-conference sessions on March 27 at the Park City Marriott. We’ll be exploring this year’s conference theme, Building a Culture of Health in Utah, with an exciting agenda that includes a variety of relevant and timely public health issues. Here is just a sampling of some of the many sessions planned for the conference:

  • Achieving Health Equity: Tools for a National Campaign Against Racism
  • Utilizing Youth in Policy Efforts
  • Imagine Me Tobacco Free: Creating a Culture of Quitting through Collaboration
  • Innovations in Maternal Mortality Prevention
  • LQBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention
  • Understanding the Opioid Epidemic and Working Together to Reverse It
  • Working Together to Build Walkable Cities
  • Panel: Impact on Public Health of the New Trump Administration
  • Zoonotic, Emerging and Environmentally Important Microbes and Pests
  • Are our Policy Makers on Board? What Policy Makers Think of Social Determinants, Health Inequities, and Health in All Policies
  • Disasters Know no Borders—Expanding Preparedness Beyond State Lines


We hope you’ll join us in Park City for the premiere public health networking and professional development event in the state.  Registration will remain open until Tuesday, March 21.  To find out more about the conference, see the full agenda, and to register, go to: www.upha.org/conference.  

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online voting coming soon

This year's annual conference is coming up and nomination voting will be held online! We are transitioning from the traditional paper ballot voting, which takes place during day one of the conference, to an easy to use online survey platform. This change offers multiple benefits: UPHA members will have an extended time to vote; UPHA will be able to reach all members that are unable to attend the conference; we will cut down on time to tally votes and remove any human error with counting votes.

All active UPHA members will be emailed a unique ballot survey link during the week of March 13th. This link will be sent to the email associated to your UPHA membership information. If you need to update your membership records now is the time! You will have two weeks for your voice to be hear and voting will close on Tuesday, March 28th. An automatic reminder email will be sent to those who have not yet had a chance to vote during that two week period. Our voting platform is also mobile friendly!

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Are you a Recent Graduate?

The Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) is looking to better understand the experience of recent graduates (within the past 5 years) and early career professionals who are working in public health. Your expertise is extremely valuable as we consider opportunities to help individuals as they transition to a new career in public health.

Please take less than 5 minutes to complete a survey about your current career and how professional organizations can better support you. Click below for the survey:

Two randomly selected participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card or registration discount to the upcoming Utah Public Health Conference. Your responses are anonymous, so please be candid – that’s the best way you can help us. 

If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties with this survey, please contact Stephanie Croasdell Stokes (scroasdell13@gmail.com).

Thank you,
Stephanie Croasdell Stokes
Early Career Professional Work Group Lead
Utah Public Health Association

Paul Wightman
Executive Director
Utah Public Health Association

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UPHA awards announcement- urgent response requested

“Leadership is all about taking people on a journey. The challenge is that most of the time, we are asking people to follow us to places we ourselves have never been.” – Andy Stanley

The Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) recognizes the outstanding efforts of organizations and individuals in the community that work hard to improve the lives of communities and individuals around Utah. These organizations and individuals are true leaders of health.

The UPHA Awards Committee is accepting nominations for the following awards. If there is someone in your organization who has excelled at providing public health awareness, knowledge, or implementing a program in your community, now is the time to recognize their efforts.

* Beatty Award – The Beatty Award is the most distinguished award given by UPHA. Each year, the Beatty Award is presented to a UPHA Member who is in good standing and who has made a significant contribution to public health in Utah.
* Public Health Hero – The three categories for the Public Health Hero awards are: An individual from the community; a public health employee; and a group, organization, or project. We award these individuals/groups for this award; one from each category.
* Rising Star Award – This award is given to an individual who demonstrates leadership in the public health field. Individuals nominated for this award should be making a significant contribution to the advancement of health within a community or to the knowledge and practice in the public health field. Nominees should be new to public health, having worked in this area for no more than 3 years.
* Youth Award – This award is presented annually to a youth group that has made a significant contribution to address a serious public health problem.

For more information about the specific requirements and descriptions for each award, please see check the website or contact Alyssa Mitchell at 435-333-1508 / amitchell@summitcounty.org

Please send your nominations to the nominations committee chair – as listed below by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 21, 2016.
Alyssa Mitchell – amitchell@summitcounty.org

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megan arnold emerging leader conference scholarship

The Emerging Leader Conference Scholarship was established in honor of Meghan Arnold, former co-President for the UPHA Student Assembly and a rising leader in public health.  This scholarship recognizes emerging student leaders in Utah for their extraordinary contributions to the field of public health by funding one (1) attendee to the UPHA Annual Conference, covering registration fees and hotel accommodations for one (1) night. The scholarship recipient will be selected by the UPHA Student Assembly committee. Your university will be notified if you are a recipient of this award.

Applications are due February 24th by 5:00pm
Electronic submission only. Go to UPHA.org for application. Email completed application to ameliapreb@gmail.com


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Board Member Spotlight: Teresa Garrett, DNP, RN APHN-BC

Teresa Garrett

  1. Where do you currently work/go to school?

I work for the University of Utah: College of Nursing and the Utah Nursing Consortium. I teach part-time in the doctoral program, with a focus on health policy, leadership, epidemiology and population health. It’s a great role for me because I pull from my experience in public health, health systems and love of education.

  1. Why did you choose to pursue public health as your profession?

I’m not sure if I chose public health or if it chose me, to be honest. I have always worked in the community setting and families/populations have always been my patients. I found my way to the Utah Department of Health because of a friend of a friend. Who knew it would turn into almost 20 years of public health nursing and advocacy.

  1. What is your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation is the one I just went on and the one I have planned next. Vacations are like meals to me – don’t go on one before you have planned the next. I love to be outside, spend time with friends and family and hike around the hills of the intermountain west. Last year, with my group of friends lovingly known as the Rubenesque Ladies High Adventure Club, we traversed the Grand Canyon, rim to rim. What a fantastic experience.  That said, my favorite mini-vacation is any amount of time I can spend with our 2 grandboys!

  1. What time do you typically go to bed and get up in the morning?

Is this a test of my personal public health habits? Is the next question whether I am eating 5 a day?!

  1. If money weren’t an issue right now, what would you be doing?

Travelling a bit more, working a lot less and languishing in a fabric store (I’m a quilter).

  1. What has been the most rewarding project you’ve worked on as a public health professional?

This is a complicated question for a person with 35 years of experience! So, in an effort to be mindful and focus on the present, I would say the most rewarding work I am doing is the project I am leading with the 10 public and non-profit colleges and universities in Utah to increase the number of registered nurses graduating each year. There is great data that correlates community health with a nurse:population ratio. Utah is not in the top 45, so we have a lot of work to do!

  1. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Right now, I’ve been eating a lot of honey vanilla yogurt, granola and bananas. In my WeighWatcher’s app I call it “Yummy Breakfast’. It hits 3 different food groups and tastes great any time of the day!

  1. What is the best thing you’ve done in your life?

I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love of my life and my spouse Brian. Who gets anywhere without the love and support of family and friends, no matter how you define them?

  1. What do you to do relax?

Can I say eat chocolate? Probably not, so I’ll add in that I love to hike, read and quilt. In my work, it is sometimes hard to see what has been accomplished at the end of a day. So, counting my steps, turning the page of a book or piecing together bits of fabric help me see the outcomes of the day.

  1. If you could give only one reason why someone should join UPHA, what would it be?

Joining UPHA helps you build relationships, see your colleagues in a different light and exposes you to different points of view, all in the name of public health (okay, that’s 3 but all in one sentence).

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Student Spotlight: Scott Pew

Scott PewScott moved several times while growing up. He spent most of his time in Texas but graduated from high school in Georgia. He moved to Utah for his undergraduate degree and has been in Salt Lake for the past four years. After earning a bachelor’s degree, Scott began working in a genomics lab at ARUP laboratories where he is still employed.

Scott is MPH student planning to graduate in 2018. Balancing full-time work and full-time graduate studies is difficult but Scott enjoys learning skills and knowledge that will allow him to improve the lives of others. He dreams of working with infectious diseases some day in the future.

If not occupied with school or work, Scott enjoys being with his family, reading, and staying active.




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Public heatlh Spotlight: Legislative Summary

With the 2017 Legislative Session coming to a close, here is a quick update on some of the bills that UPHA is following:

Bill Name, Number & Sponsor

Current Status

HB66 Rep Moss Opiate Overdose Response Act Amendments

Passed the House -- Passed the Senate – Enrolling

SB37 Rep Thatcher Statewide Crisis Line

Passed the House – 3rd reading in the Senate

HB90 Rep Ward Insurance Opioid Regulation

Passed the House – 3rd reading in the Senate

HB121 Rep Handy Local Food Advisory Council

Passed the House – Senate Rules Committee

HB122 Rep Redd Medicaid Waiver for Postpartum Mental Health Coverage

House Business and Labor Committee

HB206 Rep Brian King Domestic Violence – Weapons Restrictions

Passed the House – Senate Rules Committee


We encourage you to look further into these bills and contact your legislators for those that you feel strongly about.

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Save the Dates!

Don't forget to mark your calendars, and share these events with your colleagues!

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2017 UPHA Annual Conference - March 27-29

Theme: Building a Culture of Health in Utah

Pre conference Sessions: Monday, March 27, 2016
Main Conference : Tuesday - Wednesday, March 28-29

Park City Marriott - Book Your Hotel Room Now!

Web Site: www.upha.org/conference

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