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UPHA in the news: Here’s why vaccine-hesitant Utahns say they’re avoiding the COVID-19 Shot and Utah Health Leaders Say COVID-19 Politics Have Damaged Trust in Them

August 2021 UPHA statement in response to the surge in COVID-19 cases. 

The Utah Public Health Association continues to stand behind Utah’s public health workers who work to create conditions where all Utahans can be as healthy as possible.  UPHA is committed to the health and safety of all communities and shares our concern for humanity at this time.  We lean on our guiding principles to support our community.  We reaffirm, especially during this great public health crisis, our commitment to:

 Advocating for sound public health policy

  1.  Ensuring a healthy and safe environment by supporting people to “stay safe and stay home”
  2.  Informing and engaging the community about public health issues and disseminating accurate information to diverse communities
  3.  Supporting the public health workforce who is working tirelessly to mitigate COVID-19
  4.  Championing health equity and social justice so that the greatest burden of COVID-19 does not fall on our most vulnerable citizens, and
  5.  Promoting access to health care – because no one deserves to suffer without care, or care that is much too costly

The Utah Public Health Association (UPHA) is a leader in promoting public health, advocating for sound public health policy, and providing professional development opportunities for the public health community.  Our 200+ members include public health professionals, health educators, doctors, nurses, community leaders, students, and citizens committed to improving the health of Utahns.

If you are not yet a member of UPHA, we encourage you to join and get involved. There are many opportunities available to anyone with an interest in promoting and protecting public health.  You can add your voice to advocacy initiatives about pressing public health issues, attend or even help to plan one of our professional development events, apply for a community grant, join a Section or Special Interest Group to focus on a specific public health issue, sit on a committee, volunteer as an intern, and much more!  Explore the website to find out more about what we do and how you can be a part of our public health community.

About US

Who We Are?

UPHA is a leader in public health advocacy, improving public health practice, and providing professional development opportunities for members and the public health community. Founded in 1916, UPHA is the largest public health organization in Utah and is an affiliate of the American Public Health Association. Our members include professionals from a variety of sectors all committed to improving the health of Utahns.

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UPHA strives to:
  • Advocate sound public health policy
  • Ensure a healthy and safe environment
  • Promote community and population health
  • Inform and engage the community about public health issues
  • Support and develop the public health workforce
  • Champion health equity and social justice
  • Promote access to health care

What is Public Health

What is Public Health

Latest News

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President’s Message Whatever holidays you celebrate this month, I hope it is filled with joy and happiness!  I also know that for some the holidays are not a happy time.  Please take some time for yourself and your mental health and remember that you are not alone in the world.  Reach out to a friend […]

November 2021 E-Newsletter

President’s Message November is a month of gratitude. We are so grateful for all of our members – dedicated public health professionals and students! We know how much you give to your jobs and the community as a whole. We also want to give you the opportunity to give back to UPHA. If you shop […]

October 2021 E-Newsletter

President’s Message Autumn is a time of change. Just like the leaves change color, fade away and drop, so also is UPHA going through change. We are working to envision an even more diverse, transparent organization moving forward. Thanks to everyone who joined us for our annual Board Retreat last month! We were able to […]

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Giving you an avenue for easy engagement in public health policy issues that impact your work


Providing opportunities for professional development, enhanced learning, and networking


Providing an organizational structure for members of similar professional interests to learn, partner, and collaborate

Meet The Board

Meet Board Members



Hold office & voting rights - Serve on committees - Networking opportunities - Legislative updates & alerts - Discount at Public Health Conference for Utah
Eligibility: Any interested person


Same benefits as Individual
Eligibility: Any active student enrolled at least halftime in a College or University

Early Career Professional

Same benefits as individual
Eligibility: Any person who has graduated from an educational institution within the past 2 years

Community Health Worker

Same benefits as Individual
Eligibility: Any person who participates in the Community Health Workers Section


Same benefits as Individual / Membership for life
Eligibility: Any person who is interested in the cause of public health


Same benefits as Individual
Eligibility: Any retired person who is interested in the cause of public health

Partner Organizations

UPHA is an affiliated association of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Since 1918, we have collaborated with APHA to grow stronger as  organizations, to share expertise, influence, and resources, and to advocate for common priorities at the local, state, and federal levels.  APHA is the national voice of public health and champions the health of all people and all communities. They are the only organization that combines a 140-plus year perspective, the ability to influence federal policy to improve the public’s health and a member community from all public health disciplines and over 40 countries.

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